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Actress who has different names in different languages

Actress who has different names in different languages.

MSI – Malayalam Sangeetham Quiz lost its magic Aura!

I am always a great fan of Malayalam sangeetham fan Quiz but nowadays it has lost its magic all the questions were very unenthusiastic 

and mere questions asked for the sake of it. last one which music composer gives apt music for the situation of a scene . what is the answer 4 of them given each of us  says whom we thought to be the apt one. so it is becoming so mechanical. It was not as if i am not getting the correct answer so i dont participate attitude but the whole method is not very appealing hence i quit participating and leaving very sadly MSI hoping they will improve nad make the questions more bright and  specific. I enjoyed the time  was here . I am extending my heart felt congratulations and wishes for the other participants  and they continue to participate . And  thanking the  entire team of for bringing out such a  Brilliant quiz . . And they were all  shown great effort and patience in giving me replies for my silly and childlike questions or doubts  over the months Thanks to Sunny & kalyani madam etc . I will surely will be a part of Malayalam Old cinema since it was part of my life I Love Malayalam cinema and old nostalgic things . bye 

Kishore (

Actress who has different names in different languages

It is strange to know some of our actress has  different names in different languages

It is strange but some of our older heorines has different names when they acts in different languages . some examples :

Usha Kumari –                                Malaylam  and in  Tamil         – Venniradai Nirmala

Shobhana ( old chemparathi fame)  Malaylam  and in  Telegu – Roja Remani

 Unnimary                                          Malayalam and in Tamil & telegu – Deepa

can any one say some actress also







True story


This is a True story Happened long  ago told by my mother to me when I was a kid. It happened in her teenage days.. it is always gives pleasure and refreshment for  mind to look back and pick up all those stories all those experiences and incidents happened to one when they were  young and yes  very very young . It happened in the thirties. Happened in the south India where a small state Kerala located ( Gods Own country) exists it still does. Ok we can go  to that scene .

                                                         it is now  1930


It is Vyppin in kochi. ( a Small district in Kerala ofcourse in india) Green plants, orange sunny filled Morning and evening  markets, Fragrance of  flowers, littile huts and Green Waters, Fish nets, Boats, fisherman  and Island .Now it is summer . The local country schools and first English convent school in this area also closed for school vacation. It is play time for kids. In vyppin there is  a place Njarakkal a  lot of children are   playing local games, running jumping, some swimming, some play hide and seek.  Six children are  playing hide and seek. Through the plants they hide in the neighbourhood houses. Among them  there is one Hindu girl she is kamudhi she is 10 yrs old. It is now her turn to seek  . Her friends are all hiding.  She went out to find them, one quality she is born with is her honesty. she will never tell a lie even to rescue someone, telling lies  and keeping not keeping her word is very unpardonable thing  from her side.,  she went  to the near by house it seems to her everybody at the house is  away .No sign of anyone in this house. But a sweet aroma forced her nose open . it is such a  heavenly aroma. it comes from the kitchen. She hesitantly went to the kitchen.  On the top of the wooden fire there is a  big pot .The  most heavenly smell comes out of it. She lift the lid the steam comes out of it. The sight is mouth watering. long fatty brown brinjal filled with kerala masala (  Green Pepper powder, dried chilly powder, Coriander leaves ( curry leaves)  little ginger, Garlic chops, and little cloves) and  wrapped is frying in lot of   saltless butter. It makes sizzling sound and the  butter and masala  cracks. Yes it is indeed mouth watering . she likes to have littile taste of it. Suddenly she said aloud oh god what am I thinking  is to steal something not belongs to me. How can I think like that. My tongue deserves a punishment she lifts one of the firewood and puts on the tip of her tongue and she screamed aloud also,    Infact if she lifts her head above the kitchen rack  she can directly will have eye contact with SAPI the boy next door  whose turn  now to hide , yes he is hiding in front  of her and she couldn’t see her . but he can see her but  wondering what she is  doing now. SAPI stood like stone  and  saw everything and  he is touched by her true honesty. Nobody can do anything  like that and  he is surprised that  he has tears in his eyes and he made a vow that day  when I will marry I will surely marry somebody like her who values honesty in most in their life.



 Sabi comes to vyppin and looks up  his childhood friend  Kamudhis  house . it is gone. Some body built a new brick house that too with a concrete wall. Everything changed. But glad to know kamudhi went to Chennai and her father doing some business there. Somehow he went there and meets her . she is not that beauty anymore poverty and strain  taken  away all her beauty.  But something not left her it is still there .   it is  the honesty in her eyes, it is the most beautiful light of her life.  When he looks in to her  eyes he understood that  this  honesty is her life  and it is her soul and  that is kamudhi .He came here to  see her and  surely will marry her . and he hopes she will be as happy as him .yes friends . it is true that  they live happily .



 Some people will think it is only a story some people will think what is this story, is it true  story or experience . any way I am fascinated by this true story and thankful to my mother. It is  a   very sweet present she  has given me. What u think .